• Turing Group

    Turing Group believes that technology should improve your business life.


    We are a refined strategy and IT partner that helps companies flourish in a complicated world, and discover ways to grow through technology every day.


    At our core, we are engineers and innovators.


    We are cloud architecture, migration and management experts, with a specialization in Amazon Web Services, who can develop original software or refactor existing applications to take maximum advantage of AWS offerings.

  • Amazon Web Services Managed Service Partner

    Turing Group Named

    AWS Managed Service Partner & Advanced Consulting Partner

    March 17, 2016


    CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Turing Group, a fast-growing provider of cloud management and custom software solutions for private and public sector organizations, today announced that it has been designated an audited Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). This designation follows Turing Group’s successful completion of a rigorous, third-party validation audit, covering how partners should plan, build, integrate, operate, optimize and provide security and services on AWS.


    According to AWS, those designated as AWS Managed Service Partners must be “skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation and management of their customer’s environment.”



    We are thrilled to be the first AWS Managed Service Partner,

    headquartered in Chicago.


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  • About Turing Group

    A Mind For Business


    Driven by customer obsession and rigorous standards, we strive to raise the bar for technology problem solving on every level and achieve excellence in service delivery.


    We serve clients of every size, in both the private and public sector, who are looking for a smarter, more individualized approach to solve their business objectives through technology. We strive to make the complex simple for results that are lasting and profound.


    Our areas of expertise include:

    • Management & Business Consulting
    • Cloud Infrastructure Scaling & Performance Management
    • Migration Services
    • Application Development & Management
    • Database Management

    Alan Turing

    Alan Turing

    Alan Turing is the British philosopher, mathematician, and logician perhaps best known as the “father of computer science” and man whose code-breaking genius helped the allies win WWII.


    While teaching quantum mechanics at Cambridge, he created the Turing machine, putting form to the concepts of “algorithm” and “computation.” Though a simple device, it has since made possible everything from our smartphones to space travel to the internet.


    He was a brilliant iconoclast who paid little heed to conventions, and his contributions were equal parts scientific genius and practical possibility—equal parts truth and beauty.


    Every day, we strive to offer our clients that same balance of deep insight, practicality, and longevity.

  • Services

    AWS Managed Cloud

    Many firms can set you up on AWS. Turing Group can help you understand how to use the cloud to achieve your most complex business objectives.

    Amazon Web Services Managed Services Partner

    Turing Group has the pleasure of being the first and only Amazon Web Services Managed Services Partner in the Chicago area.

    The Amazon Managed Service Program identifies Turing Group as an Advanced Consulting Partner who meets the high standards of Amazon Web Services, and who possesses deep AWS knowledge, in conjunction with the right IT service management capability, to deliver a robust fully managed cloud platform. Additionally, Turing Group staff carry key AWS design and architecture certifications.


    As an MSP, Turing Group provides value to it’s customers by offering 24x7 proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their Amazon environments.


    The foundation of Turing Group’s MSP offering goes beyond AWS MSP program requirements to provide:

    • A comprehensive suite of policies, procedures and services, culminating in a fully managed AWS platform that goes as far as our customers need

    • Deep insights into infrastructure as well as applications and their performance

    • Enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that exceed AWS standards

    • Customized tools, implementation services, monitoring and optimization

    • Application-level and database services to guide decisions about architecture, technology, vendor selection and troubleshooting of complex technical problems

    • Insight into performance enhancements while adhering to documented policies, standards and controls for governance and procurement

    • Operations and financial management optimization of AWS resources

  • AWS CloudFront

    Content Delivery & Distribution Network


    Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of your content. With multiple geographic locations and low latency bandwidth, CloudFront is a scalable, low cost method to quickly improve the performance of your site and distribute your content.

    A Faster Site

    Location and Scale

    CloudFront has edge locations throughout the world and a low latency network. Offload the distribution of content from your web servers and let the CDN network handle that. Content closer to your users means faster delivery and a faster site.

    Lower Cost

    Reduce costs with a smaller infrastructure footprint

    You pay only for the content that you deliver through the network, without minimum commitments or up-front fees.

    Not just web content

    Dynamic, Streaming and Static Content

    Use CloudFront to deliver video using the Adobe Media Server 5.0, Smooth Streaming format and Wowza streaming server without the need to setup and operate any media servers.

  • Software Development

    Custom software development is a core element of Turing Group. Coding for the cloud is coding for the future; it represents a fundamental evolution from traditional methods of software development.


    Turing Group is a team of engineers and innovators who enjoy nothing more than finding and building solutions to complex business problems.


    We’ve built complex web applications, sophisticated data APIs and scalable real-time applications that publish data to hundreds of thousands of users, instantaneously. We work side-by-side with business leaders in finance, healthcare, construction and technology.


    We provide turn-key solutions to meet business needs that are based on thoughtful infrastructure and are developed with consideration of the software a company uses.


    Turing Group can act as a conduit between your infrastructure and application teams, or can design, code and implement your custom software needs for a full life cycle solution. We can also help go deep and help you solve some of your most challenging application and data problems.


    Our developers live on the cutting edge; adhering to the latest development methodologies with a consistent eye on DevOps, efficiency, reliability and repeatability. All of our software development solutions are, of course, cloud-ready and capable of scaling to meet demand.


    To ensure solutions are delivered on time, on budget and according to spec, our user experience designers, software engineers and project managers will work with you every step of the process:



    We learn about your business, your vision and your goals. Through this process we develop a set of comprehensive application requirements that can be used to drive timelines, prototype designs and budget.


    Design and Prototype

    During this phase we develop some preliminary designs and prototype small parts of the application for testing and verification, and to clarify how an application might work or feel. Prototypes often reveal hidden assumptions that might haunt the process later.



    Turing Group follows the SCRUM development process: we work in short two to three week sprints and publish code to a staging environment for ongoing review. This ensures the development is in line with your vision and allows the process to evolve with changing ideas. Our development philosophy and deployment strategy is based around a DevOps model that allows for continuous deployments, testing and automation.


    User Acceptance Testing

    As sprints are completed, we vet the output through ongoing user testing. Testing helps to identify potential bugs, validate any hidden assumptions we might have made during the early phases of development, and allows us to pivot if needed.



    Applications built by Turing Group can be delivered in any number of ways: we can hand off a source code repository, deploy an application in a client-owned environment - or anything in between. We also offer a turn-key, fully hosted and managed platform in AWS with round-the-clock support as an option for all applications we develop.


    Maintenance and Support

    We stand behind and believe in what we build for you. Once initial development has been completed, we have many options for providing ongoing support and maintenance to keep building and enhancing your application as your business evolves.



    We are primarily a Linux development shop, and focus on Python and Ruby as core programing languages for back-end development. We also work with .NET where appropriate.


    On the front-end we have expertise in Angular, React, Backbone and Imba, among others. We are also fully versed in developing on the AWS web services platform, including Lambda, Data Pipeline and others.



    DevOps is a philosophy of software development and infrastructure management.


    Traditionally these parts of IT were considered to be separate and distinct components of an enterprise technology group. We’ve abandoned that old way of thinking and merged them into one continuous process and idea.


    Turing Group believes that software developers and infrastructure engineers should collaborate and communicate on every level of the technology stack. Through this collaboration we can automate the process of delivery and change management, while delivering applications that are aligned with their underlying infrastructure.


    We have cultivated a DevOps team who are experts in continuous integration, operations automation, blue-green deployment strategies and process definition to facilitate fast enterprise application development, deployment and testing through a set of industry-standard tools and processes. They can work with you automate application deployments without downtime, improve release testing and reduce deployment cycle timeframes.


    Turing Group can help your enterprise adopt a DevOps culture and approach, to better leverage the resources you have, and increase efficiencies.

  • Case Studies

    Stories of Successful Solutions

  • Metra Logo

    Modernizing Transportation Data

    Managing Metra GTFS Data in

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Turing Group had the incredible opportunity to work with Clarity Partners on an exciting large-scale project to update, expand and revamp the back end of the Metra website, that launched in late June 2016.

    Metra System Map


    One of the largest and most complex regional commuter rail systems in North America, Metra serves six counties in northeastern Illinois, encompassing the greater Chicagoland area.


    With 241 stations over 11 routes and approximately 1,200 miles of track, Metra operates more than 700 weekday trains, providing about 300,000 passenger trips each weekday.

    Serving millions of commuters each month, and managing such an extensive fleet of trains, is expertly handled via an intricate data landscape.


    The project challenged Turing Group to build a responsive infrastructure, a modernized e-commerce ticket sales platform and leverage Metra’s extensive General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data system. Metra’s GTFS data is used to manage and monitor the entire train fleet to support Metra riders by providing them with more relevant and timely schedule information and system alerts.




    With the advent of new technologies and standards, Metra wanted to enhance their rider experiences by developing a new, comprehensive website that made getting pertinent information quick and easy. Inclement weather, track and station construction, heavy usage during peak hours and special events contributed to an ever-growing frustration amongst Metra riders because of the inability to get accurate and real-time information on the trains and their locations.

    “Our goal was to create a customer-friendly website that presents information in a logical and intuitive way,” said Metra Executive Director/CEO Don Orseno. “We hope these changes will make using our website – and using our train service – an even more satisfying experience.”


    - "Metra debuts new and improved metrarail.com" News item, metrarail.com, June 29, 2016


    A significant problem with the Metra website, and its infrastructure, was the way in which GTFS data were delivered to riders via a browser-based pull mechanism, rather than modern server-based push technology such as WebSockets. Alerts were not presented within the context of their respective train or route and were, instead, provided in a manner that caused riders to scroll through an often lengthy list of notices to find any that may have impacted their particular train or route.


    The new Metra system needed to be able to handle massive spikes in traffic to their website during special events and severe weather. Scaling of the site could be scheduled in advance, but unforeseen events, such as inclement weather or mechanical failures, left them vulnerable to unpredictable spikes. Due to the elastic nature of Amazon’s Cloud offering (AWS) and Metra’s ridership, the Metra project was a perfect opportunity to utilize much of the functionality already available in cloud offerings, such as that available from AWS.


    As an AWS Managed Services Partner (MSP), Turing Group was brought in to leverage our expertise in AWS’ vast functionality, implementation, and management. Turing Group needed to architect an environment that would expand and contract automatically with demand and load. Designing this type of environment can be challenging, as it requires developers to understand the elastic principles of the cloud and to create software solutions that can handle the variable nature of auto-scaling scenarios, where servers often appear and disappear as they ramp up or ramp down the number of cloud server instances.


    Because a website crash would be disastrous, the site could not afford downtime and the system would need to be highly available and fault tolerant. Also, it was vital that development and deployment were straightforward, consistent, reliable and non-impactful on site availability.


    When complete, Turing Group needed to be able to hand off the environment to Metra, ensuring that their software and systems engineers, and those of their partners, had the ability to update code, content and live GTFS feed data promptly to improve rider communication.


    Finally, because the website would process credit cards for ticket sales, Turing Group and Clarity Partners collaborated to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, which verified, via audit, that Metra and its partners take all available precautions to provide security standards and multiple layers of defense to protect sensitive consumer data.




    Because websites and the infrastructures that run them do not scale to meet demand automatically and are not fault-tolerant by default, Turing Group had to take care when designing the environment. To accomplish these two critical goals, the environment was designed from the start to utilize multiple Availability Zones within the AWS Cloud. This means hosting the site across multiple physical data centers. This solution required the use of both CloudFront (AWS’ Content Distribution Network offering) and Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs). Also, a well-architected auto scaling policy was critical to allow the environment to grow and shrink based on utilization. Auto Scaling helps maintain application availability and allows you to scale your Amazon EC2 capacity up or down automatically according to conditions you define. Auto Scaling can be used to help ensure that you are running a desired number of Amazon EC2 instances, and can also automatically increase the number of Amazon EC2 instances during demand spikes to maintain performance, and decrease capacity during lulls to reduce costs.


    In addition to overall management of the Metra project, Clarity Partners was responsible for the site front end design and architecture of the Drupal components, ticket sales e-commerce integration, and supporting the PCI compliance initiative.

    Metra Web Site Alerts

    Figure 1: Examples of Metra Web Site Alerts



    As a DevOps focused firm, Turing Group guided the Clarity development team on how to deploy, run, and code Drupal for an auto scaling environment, helped design and deploy the Continuous Integration (CI) jobs and processes, and led triage and management of all issues.


    The hosting infrastructure now consists of development, staging and production environments. Through CI tools and processes, Metra and Clarity are able to test new code and ideas in the development and staging environments prior to pushing them to production with confidence. The new DevOps oriented development process also allows for multiple development teams to contribute to the code base, including Metra’s internal development team.

    To address the lack of real-time push capability of GTFS data, Turing Group built, and continues to maintain, the real-time data feed for alerts, train positions, and schedule data. Our system makes this data available via WebSockets and a standard JSON-based REST API.

    Ventra Mobile App Tracker Alerts

    Figure 2: Examples of Ventra Mobile App

    Tracker & Alerts

    Additionally, Turing Group provides direct access to the raw GTFS data feed. This access protects Metra’s GTFS source from being overloaded by too many requests. In addition to providing data to riders via the website, Metra provides GTFS data to major providers such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and more, for their mapping and routing applications. The new real-time messaging platform, based on NodeJS and PubNub, is generating and delivering millions of messages a day to website users and other connected devices. To be useful, these messages need to be delivered in a reliable, scalable and timely fashion.

    Real-Time GTFS Messages – 3 Months Trailing

    (Spike on 11/4 was for the Chicago Cubs World Series parade and rally)


    Real-Time GTFS Messages 3 Months Trailing

    Metra now enjoys a fully managed platform in AWS that covers all aspects of the environment, including automated code deployments throughout the development cycle.




    Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of websites, APIs, video content or other web assets. With Amazon CloudFront, you don’t need to worry about maintaining expensive web-server capacity to meet the demand for content from potential traffic spikes. The service automatically responds as demand increases or decreases, without any intervention. CloudFront allows Turing Group to serve cached data to metrarail.com end users, rather than passing their requests directly to the web/application servers to fulfill every client request. This process allows us to significantly increase the efficiency of the Metra site and ultimately scale back on the instances/resources needed to service riders.


    The positive impact of improved site performance was significant and immediate: during the month of August 2016, over 5.5TB of data was pushed from CloudFront and only 61GB of data had to be served from the web servers. Running far fewer cloud server instances and other infrastructure to service end users will also enable Metra to manage their server costs.


    Amazon CloudFront passes on the benefits of Amazon’s scale. You pay only for the content that you deliver through the network, without minimum commitments or up-front fees. This applies for any type of delivered content – static, dynamic, streaming media, or a web application with any combination of these. With Amazon CloudFront, you don’t need to worry about maintaining expensive web-server capacity to meet the demand for your content from potential traffic spikes.

    Benefits of CloudFront, Highlighted

    (The spike to 500GB on 11/4/16 was in support of the

    Chicago Cubs World Series parade & rally)


    Benefits of CloudFront, Highlighted

    The auto scaling solution Turing Group and Clarity developed has allowed the site to scale and respond to demand in three fundamental ways.


    First, we programmed scheduled scale-up and scale-down scenarios that increase the size of the cluster before rush hour and decreases it back down after rush hour, since that is when the site is in highest demand. If full capacity is not required 24x7, it’s better to run cloud instances at peak capacity for only 8 hours a day.


    Second, the site is also capable of auto scaling itself if the load on servers or the page response times get too high. This ability to dynamically scale means that Metra only runs servers when they’re needed, automatically adjusting to peak and off-peak times, which saves Metra a considerable amount of money in hosting costs. Metra also doesn’t need to try and plan for unforeseen spike conditions since the site will auto scale up and handle them as the need arises.


    Finally, Turing Group is able to pro-actively scale up the Metra AWS environment in anticipation of supporting traffic spikes related to Chicago events. The first tests of this capability were the Lollapalooza music festival and the annual Taste of Chicago festival in July, 2016.


    More recently, and most significantly, Turing Group managed the Metra cloud environment to support surges in ridership to the Chicago Cubs playing in the World Series games hosted at Wrigley Field, and particularly the day of the Cubs parade and rally in Grant Park on Friday, November 4. Metra Executive Director/CEO Don Orseno accurately predicted that the day of the parade and rally was expected to be the day of highest ridership in Metra history. Though the streets, train stations and sidewalks of Chicago struggled to accommodate the physical demands of nearly 5 million Cubs fans attending the celebration, Turing Group ensured the Metra AWS environment kept the site live and data flowing to provide all riders with accurate schedules and timely alerts.

    Auto Scaling Graph for Two Weeks:
    (# of active web servers in the cluster over time)

    (Spikes on 11/4 and 11/5 were for the Chicago Cubs World Series parade and rally)


    Auto Scaling Graph for Two Weeks # of active web servers in cluster over time

    Turing Group's proprietary mix of tools and processes were utilized from the start, along with our DevOps philosophy and approach to environment architecture. From infrastructure build and deployment to application deployment and Continuous Integration (CI), Turing Group makes sure to always operate in a way that is consistent with current best practices in the DevOps space. This approach allows for much greater efficiency, consistency and repeatability within the environments we manage – and the Metra project was no exception. We utilized tools like Ansible, CloudFormation, Git, Jenkins and others to make sure all changes to the environment were vetted, self-documenting, easily rolled back in case of issues, and well-orchestrated. As a result, Metra benefits from quicker, cleaner and more seamless deployment of their applications and cloud infrastructure.


    The new Metra environment has over 28 different CI jobs that support three different teams of developers. Typically, coordinating deployments and pushes would be complicated and error-prone. Because of how we implemented CI, each development group can take control of their own deployments in a consistent fashion.


    What does all this mean for Metra and its riders? More rapid deployments mean faster fixes, ensuring accurate data reaches riders. Also, there will be more frequent feature releases and, overall, a more stable environment.


    The DevOps approach also contributes to PCI compliance because the automation process documents releases and deployments, and helps account for changes to the environment. With traditional, old school deployments, systems and software engineers may have had to log in to servers and manually deploy/install new versions of custom software. By using a DevOps approach and Continuous Integration tools, we eliminated the need for much of this, as Metra’s developers and engineers can simply rely on external processes to deploy new versions of software. Building solutions that keep these developers and engineers from logging into servers directly reduces the PCI burden and takes many of the access concerns out of scope.


    The new system is also saving Metra money. As of the launch, the agency’s new web services provider is expected to save Metra 50 percent, or about $400,000 a year, over their previous contract. Development costs are also less, and the open-source platform means that Metra can perform both support and development in-house, saving money and ensuring timely updates to the site and its content.

    "Metra is proud of our new site. We've included enhancements that directly improve our customers' ability to make the best travel decisions for themselves. For instance, the schedule finder tool has been upgraded to provide more information: customers can decide whether to view the schedule between two stops or the whole schedule for the line, and the results will show if the train is running behind schedule or if there are any other service changes affecting that train, such as a decision to add or skip stops. Innovations like these are possible because of the technical choices we've made, and those same choices will allow us to continue to innovate for our customers."


    - Cherie Kizer, CIO, Metra


  • Duo Consulting

    Drupal In The Cloud

    Duo Consulting




    Established in 1999, Duo Consulting is one of Chicago’s most notable digital agencies. In business for over 20 years, Duo has evolved with its industry – from basic document and web content management to providing cutting edge marketing automation solutions today. A cornerstone of their offering is as a premier agency for the development of best-in-class Drupal sites and solutions. We here at Turing Group think their work is pretty great and we are happy to partner with them to provide innovative hosting and infrastructure solutions whenever we have the opportunity.




    When it comes to design and development, Duo does some pretty amazing things. They have built their team of developers, content strategists, user interface and experience gurus and designers to continue to innovate in the marketing automation space.


    Duo hosted all of their client’s Drupal sites and gigabytes of data served each month. That meant they needed to maintain their own local datacenter, redundant Internet connections and qualified staff to manage and operate both the datacenter and systems. Additionally, running a datacenter required costly, time-consuming upgrades to both servers and datacenter infrastructure.


    Hosting these innovative solutions, however, was not in their core DNA. In fact, worrying about hosting was the last thing this growing firm wanted to focus on. Duo’s goal, when they first contacted Turing Group, was to offload their hosting operations and eliminate their datacenter altogether. The lease on Duo’s office came up for renewal, providing the perfect opportunity for Duo to migrate to the cloud.




    After learning about Duo’s business, listening to and understanding their particular pain points and their desire to move away from the traditional datacenter model, Turing Group was chosen as the right partner to lead the cloud migration and vendor selection process. We understood traditional datacenter operations and helped define a clear path from their current hosting platforms to a modern, cost-effective solution built on AWS.


    Some of Duo’s brightest devs and Turing Group’s most talented engineers converged on a conference room in the West Loop to start plotting the future of Duo’s Drupal hosting stack and what we came up with was extremely exciting.


    Turing Group planned the migration of Duo’s datacenter to Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure, spreading Duo’s infrastructure across Amazon availability zones to ensure redundancy and high-availability, utilizing AWS EC2, VPC, S3, SES, RDS. Turing Group provides managed services to monitor and support Duo’s AWS infrastructure 24x7.


    In addition to deploying tools and resources that allow Duo to focus more on their core offering, Turing Group is excited about the security and scalability built in to this new hosting platform. We are not so sure Duo really cares about this (they just expect it to work) but multidimensional scaling, client segregation and an unwavering commitment to security are some of the things that really get us going here!


    In all seriousness, though, a well-architected hosting environment is no longer a pipedream or a nice to have. As sites randomly come under attack and the general ebb and flow of traffic marches on, it is important to focus on how best to deal with these scenarios. These topics may be behind-the-scenes to companies like Duo but they are forefront to Turing Group and intelligent design allows us to navigate the minefield that is hosting.


    That first move to the cloud was a success and stood as a rock solid example of what the cloud, Turing Group and AWS had to offer. Since then, the relationship between Turing Group and Duo evolved – often resembling much more a partnership between complimentary firms than a traditional client/vendor relationship.




    Because Duo is a creative digital design agency, they did not have qualified IT staff with deep experience and knowledge of running high volume Drupal sites in the Cloud. The engineers they did have were only familiar with managing a legacy datacenter. Duo needed a team of experts to bridge this gap in talent, and a cloud service provider capable of scaling and flexing to Duo’s changing needs. Turing Group were those experts, and after a comprehensive search for an accomplished cloud vendor, AWS became the cloud provider for its ease of integration, cost effectiveness, and ability to launch within days.


    Completing the AWS migration before Duo moved to their new office meant the move was simple and easy.


    The environment Turing Group built is completely customized to Duo’s workflow, using off-the-shelf solutions and building custom tools to ease the development and deployment processes. This will allow Duo resources to develop more and manage their environment less. We are pretty sure our industry would call this DevOps. That sounds fine to us but we prefer to think of it as smart business.


    By replacing its datacenter foot print with Turing Group’s end-to-end solution for transitioning to the cloud, Duo has:


    • gained agility and flexibility through AWS and Turing Group
    • reduced operating costs by 25%
    • improved performance by over 50% for its clients


    By eliminating the need for technical datacenter staff and engineers, Duo’s team can stay focused on what they do best rather than managing servers and datacenter infrastructure.


    Duo Consulting

    Headquarters: Chicago, IL

    Locations: 1

    Employees: 35

    Industry: Digital Agency / Marketing

    Website: www.duoconsulting.com



    Turing Group

    Brendan Caulfield – Chief Operating Officer


    Duo Consulting

    Michael Silverman – Chief Executive Officer

  • Gorilla Group

    Scalable Commerce Cloud

    Gorilla Group



    Established in 1994, Gorilla Group is a full service technology, design agency and hosting provider that provides a full suite of services with a strong focus on high volume and high profile e-commerce customers. Their clients include enterprise companies such as Garret Popcorn, SPS, London Fog, Paypal and Shure.




    Gorilla was hosting many high volume e-commerce clients on a legacy virtualization platform and was limited by it’s ability to grow and scale with their clients needs on a real-time basis. Additionally, the existing environment was fragile and complex to manage and consequently Gorilla was struggling to meet their client’s dynamic needs.


    Armed with some fundamental, initial research, Gorilla made an attempt to internally manage the migration of dozens of high profile E-commerce sites within their environment to Amazon Web Services, with no downtime. Several months in to the effort, when their odds for success became significantly challenged by lack of internal knowledge and experience with the AWS platform, Gorilla engaged Turing Group, an Amazon Services Consulting Partner, to audit their existing AWS environment and take the reins to complete the migration.




    Turing Group senior architects worked closely with Gorilla internal IT staff to develop a detailed understanding of Gorilla’s unique requirements and goals. Once the discovery project was complete, Turing Group delivered a detailed recommendation, project plan and implementation plan that allowed Gorilla to migrate their entire e-commerce infrastructure to AWS in weeks, not months. Additionally, Turing Group provided documentation and training to all Gorilla internal staff, enabling a full hand-off of the platform and enabling Gorilla to take complete ownership of the new elastic and resilient hosting stack.




    By migrating to AWS, Gorilla was able to decrease the standard time frame for new client deployments to hours, down from two to three weeks. These new client environments are now based on a common set of standards and templates, so supporting different clients is simpler and solutions to problems come in minutes instead of hours.


    Additionally, Gorilla was able to pass on lower hosting costs and more predictable spend to its clients while maintain the ability to scale in real-time in response to busy buying seasons that have major traffic spikes.



    Gorilla Group

    Headquarters: Chicago, IL

    Locations: 6

    Employees: 177

    Industry: Digital Agency / Marketing

    Website: www.gorillagroup.com




    Turing Group

    Brendan Caulfield – Chief Operating Officer

  • Leadership

    Our founders have worked side-by-side as IT executives for nearly 20 years in the demanding healthcare and finance industries. In that time, they developed a leading-edge model for business technology that blends intelligent sophistication with a conscientious attention to detail.

  • Eric Dynowski

    Eric Dynowski

    CEO, Co-Founder,

    Technology Architecture & Engineering and Design

    Eric is a seasoned technology executive with a vision sharpened over 20 years in competitive, fast-moving industries. He has developed software, designed complex global infrastructures, and managed large technology installations for international pharmaceutical companies and private capital firms.


    He has a comprehensive background in infrastructure design and integration (including business mergers, spinoffs, acquisitions, and start-ups), and has been credited with reducing budgets by millions while adding inherent value to existing departments through excellence in staff and deployment.


    Eric is also AWS Certified.

    Brendan Caulfield

    Brendan Caulfield

    COO, Co-Founder,

    Project Management and Oversight

    Highly adept in complex process and project direction, Brendan is a hands-on leader with a record of shepherding ambitious initiatives from plan to implementation without a hiccup. Whether mapping processes across multiple teams or overseeing the vision and direction for demanding industries like finance and health care, Brendan's combination of business insight and aggressive attention to detail keeps things focused, on track, and on budget.


    A natural communicator, he helps companies navigate challenges with calm confidence, and his easy manner makes for skillful collaborations and lasting relationships.

  • Careers

    We value our people and culture above all.

  • Turing Group is Growing

    Who WE Are


    Turing Group is a progressive Chicago-based Cloud and software development company. We provide custom software development and Cloud infrastructure management, specializing in Amazon Web Services: we are an Amazon Web Services Managed Service Partner, Advanced Consulting Partner, and Public Sector Partner.


    Driven by customer obsession and rigorous standards, we strive to raise the bar for technology problem solving on every level and achieve excellence in service delivery.


    At our core, we are engineers and innovators. We believe technology should improve your business life, not complicate it. We take great pride in being a true partner to our clients; not just a vendor, provider or platform. We strive to understand business drivers and go beyond the basics. We hire problem solvers that are more than just ticket takers and process followers. We’re not satisfied until we’ve found the simplest ways to help companies do great things, to grow and prosper in ways they never imagined and do so by efficient and innovative use of technology.


    We are looking for top-notch Full Stack Developers, Systems Administrators who specialize in both Linux and Windows, and Technical Project Managers.

  • Full Time Full Stack Developer

    Who YOU Are


    You are a full stack software engineer with a passion for problem solving and puzzles. You are curious, collaborative, and get excited about tackling the hard problems. You like to tinker, explore new technologies and challenge the status quo. You believe that understanding and supporting your clients is your primary responsibility and that making THEM effective makes YOU effective! You understand that leveraging your deep understanding of software development, combined with your emerging knowledge of automationDevOps and Cloud services, will make our rapidly expanding team better and more well-rounded.


    What WE Need

    • Passion for automation
    • Deep understanding of front-end JavaScript development using libraries such as React, Angular, etc.
    • Expert in CSS/HTML5
    • Deep understanding of development using Python, Node or Ruby
    • Comfortable and excited about interacting with clients and end users
    • Expertise in developing under Linux or OS X
    • Passionate about learning, coupled with an ability to learn new skills quickly
    • Desire to pursue AWS Development Certifications toward expert-level achievement
    • Familiarity with SQL and NOSQL databases
    • Experience with orchestration tools such as Ansible, Salt, Chef or Puppet
    • Experience with Vagrant or Docker    
    • Familiarity with continuous integration systems such as Jenkins or Bamboo
    • Familiarity with tracking systems such as JIRA
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively – be self-motivated, accountable, and offer up new ideas
    • Critical thinking, troubleshooting, and problem-solving talents
    • A balance of technical, business and social/emotional intelligence

    Submit your resume for this opportunity here.

  • Full Time Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Linux

    Who YOU Are


    You are a dedicated infrastructure engineer with a passion for problem solving. You believe that supporting your clients is your primary responsibility, and that making THEM effective makes YOU effective! You understand that leveraging your deep understanding of Linux, combined with your emerging knowledge of DevOps and Cloud services, will make our rapidly expanding team better and more well-rounded.


    What WE Need

    • Deep understanding of Debian/Ubuntu and RedHat/CentOS operating systems
    • Willingness to assist with 24/7 on-call support for critical systems issues
    • General understanding of Cloud and Data security best-practices
    • Good understanding of the LAMP stack and strong Python or Bash skills
    • Good understanding of source code management practices and tools
    • Experienced with Configuration Management tools such as Ansible or Chef
    • Passion about learning coupled with an ability to learn new skills quickly
    • Experience with JSON, YAML and Jinja2 templating formats
    • Desire to pursue AWS Certifications toward expert-level achievement
    • Familiarity with SQL and NOSQL databases 
    • Familiarity with continuous integration systems such as Jenkins or Bamboo
    • Familiarity with customer ticketing systems such as JIRA or ZenDesk
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively – be self-motivated, accountable, and offer up new ideas
    • Critical thinking, troubleshooting and problem-solving talents
    • A balance of technical and business intelligence
    • 3-5 years of professional experience, ideally managing direct reports or communicating directly with clients

    Submit your resume for this opportunity here.

  • Full Time Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Windows

    Who YOU Are


    You are a dedicated infrastructure engineer with a passion for problem solving. You believe that supporting your clients is your primary responsibility, and that making THEM effective makes YOU effective! You understand that leveraging your deep understanding of Windows, combined with your emerging knowledge of DevOps and Cloud services, will make our rapidly expanding team better and more well-rounded.


    What WE Need

    • Deep understanding of Microsoft Windows Server operating systems
    • Willingness to assist with 24/7 on-call support for critical systems issues
    • General understanding of Cloud and Data security best-practices
    • General familiarity with Linux based operating systems
    • Good understanding of source code management practices and tools
    • Passion about learning coupled with an ability to learn new skills quickly
    • Desire to pursue AWS Certifications toward expert-level achievement
    • Familiarity with SQL and NOSQL databases 
    • Familiarity with continuous integration systems such as Jenkins or Bamboo
    • Familiarity with customer ticketing systems such as JIRA or ZenDesk
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively – be self-motivated, accountable, and offer up new ideas
    • Critical thinking, troubleshooting and problem-solving talents
    • A balance of technical and business intelligence
    • 3-5 years of professional experience, ideally managing direct reports or communicating directly with clients

    Submit your resume for this opportunity here.

  • Full Time Technical Project Manager

    Who YOU Are


    You are a project manager with a passion for problem solving and efficiency. You are innately responsible and reliable, organized, quick thinking, collaborative, and an excellent communicator. You like to devise processes, plan wisely, and can carve paths to success through a variety of consulting, software development and Cloud infrastructure engagements. You believe that supporting your project teams and clients is your primary responsibility, and that making THEM effective makes YOU effective! You understand how to optimize scope and quality of project deliverables by balancing schedules, budget and resources and can propose approaches that solve for everyone’s needs.


    Leveraging your willingness to wear multiple hats, combined with your interest in thinking creatively about technology and business and your knowledge of project management methodologies, will help us formalize our processes and establish a thriving project management practice.


    What WE Need

    • Minimum 2-3 years of established talents in project/program planning, estimating and execution on time and within budget
    • Experience with management tool(s) such as Microsoft Project, Basecamp, JIRA, Mavenlink, etc.
    • Ongoing identification and implementation of process and workflow improvements
    • Professional, confident, articulate communication skills
    • Ability to convey details via basic data visualizations, reports and dashboards
    • Be comfortable and excited about interacting with developers, system administrators, clients and end users
    • Capable of pushing hard while retaining respect from a range of personalities, have empathy for a variety of working styles
    • Facilitation of regular client status meetings and communications
    • Able to translate business and user requirements into functional requirements
    • Comfort with contracts, compliance, audits and RFPs
    • Passion about learning coupled with an ability to learn new skills quickly
    • Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is a bonus
    • Basic awareness of web and software application development methodologies and technology
    • General understanding of Linux, Windows, OSX and Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers
    • Willingness to support our business development, marketing and social media efforts
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively – be self-motivated, pro-active, accountable, and offer up new ideas
    • Critical thinking, troubleshooting and problem-solving talents
    • A balance of technical, business and social/emotional intelligence

    Submit your resume for this opportunity here.

  • The Turing Group Blog

    Thoughts from Our Management and Staff

  • Press

    AWS Government, Education & Non-Profits Blog: 2016: A Year of Innovations (powered by the cloud)​

    Turing Group is honored and proud to have our work and case study about supporting Metra highlighted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector blog, featuring some exceptional, innovative "global moments impacted by the cloud" that were achieved last year.

    - Read more at the AWS Government, Education & Non-Profits Blog

    "It is a huge differentiator for us as we bring resilient engineering, deep corporate IT experience, and quality solutions to today's prevalent business problems."

    - Read more at CIO Review

    Today’s business owners are incredibly tech savvy. They use cloud-based applications, run their businesses from mobile devices and track the return on revenue of every advertising dollar with online dashboards. Many can even update their own websites, tweaking code when necessary. But even with this level of sophistication, most entrepreneurs are missing out on what might be the biggest opportunity they have to expand their businesses, an opportunity expressed in just three letters: API.

    - Read more at www.entrepreneur.com

    Whether inside or outside the technology sector, entrepreneurs find themselves constantly wrestling with tech decisions that affect their business. Many owners find it a challenge to take advantage of technological innovations while also managing expectations surrounding the hype.Cloud computing is one such area that holds a lot of promise for entrepreneurs -- so long as they understand how to maximize their investment.

    - Read more at www.entrepreneur.com

    Healthcare providers are entering the final push for achieving compliance with meaningful use regulations. It’s important they invest in technology that will support their current electronic medical record (EMR) endeavors and adapt with them as their practice and the healthcare industry move forward. In most cases, the answer is simple: Look to the cloud.

    - Read more at www.ehrintelligence.com

  • Outreach

    Caring For Community

  • Just as we help clients realize their full potential through technology, we're also committed to bettering the communities in which we work and live.


    We're proud to offer our expertise and ongoing support to these organizations that share our commitment to service, education, and family.


    Family Action Network

    FAN is an innovative speaking forum for parents' issues. We advise and help them manage their technology at all levels, from strategic planning all the way through designing, implementing, and supporting their infrastructure and outreach every day.


    Run by young people for young people, Moneythink promotes economic health via financial education. We provide advice on technology design and implementation, most notably for an innovative mobile platform that connects students and mentors.

    Serve Illinois

    This bipartisan board works to instill an ethic of service across Illinois. Besides day-to-day support, we’ve helped them reinvent all aspects of their infrastructure, from database design and efficiency to marketing communications systems, web, and CRM.

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